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Heat Transfer

“Heat printing, also known as heat transfer printing, is the process of applying heat-applied materials to various items (i.e., substrates) with a heat press. Heat-applied materials contain a heat-sensitive adhesive on one side; when heat is applied by a heat press to the material, the material adheres to the substrate to which it is being applied. ” 

  • Add them to team uniforms, whether they’re cotton, moisture-wicking polyester or stretchable fabrics.
  • We have some letters & numbers pre-printed for fast and easy production.
  • We can take your single color image and print it in-house with our stock vinyl.
  • Custom colors and designs may need to be special ordered for the vinyl but printed and press here.
  • Three key components to consider when decorating with a heat press are: time, temperature, and pressure. Every heat transfer material has its own heat printing instructions.

Time: The amount of time, in seconds, that heat must be applied to the design/garment.

Temperature: The optimal degree at which the design will adhere to the garment.

    1. Pressure: The amount of downward force needed when heat applying.

Merchandise & Promo Products

Sasquatch  is your one-stop for everything promo. From custom travel mugs to personalized koozies we have everything you need to advertise for a low cost. It’s all about getting you the marketing materials you need to be successful!

If you’re looking for fun promo item giveaways such as custom water bottles or personalized pens we have a wide selection or great giveaway items to choose from!